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Barkota Shipping Guide Launched

YSSP has finally launched Barkota Shipping Guide. In line with the company's vision statement, this site offers an easy way to search for shipping schedules, accommodations and passage rates.

Go to www.barkota.com or for more information visit our blogsite at http://www.barkota.com/blogs/

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System Yoshii Co., Ltd. On Its 50th Anniversary

System Yoshii Co., Ltd. celebrated its golden anniversary with pride on October 2008, marking the birth of the organization since five decades ago.

Over those years, System Yoshii Co., Ltd. has gradually established its principles: excellent Service, quick and reliable Action, creative Views and a deep concern for Ecology [S.A.V.E.]. The company has grown from 7 employees when it started in 1958 in Japan to over 66 employees today with a diverse range of educational background that includes pharmacists, medical information specialists, registered nurses, programmers, system engineers and qualified data processing personnel.

The upcoming years are likely to see many profound changes but the company’s dedicated team of professionals will continue to provide superior business solutions to its clients.

Let’s take a trip back in time and learn more about the fascinating history of the growth and advancement of System Yoshii Co., Ltd during the last 50 years.

Year Event

The company started out as an electrical shop, founded by Mr. Sei Yoshii.

1958 Yoshii Wireless Electrical Trading Company was established with a capital of1,500,000 Yen and started out with seven employees.
1981 Development of RI (Radio Isotope) Management System for Okayama University Medical Hospital

Japanese Word Processing Software for personal computers was developed and sold.

1983 Dispensing Pharmacy System was developed and sold to the market.
1988 Delivery of RI (Radio Isotope) Management System for Okayama University Medical Hospital
1994 Delivery of the Entry Exit Management System for Okayama University Comprehensive Isotope CenterCapital increase of 10,000,000
1996 Drug Administration Instruction Issuing System [Kusuri Bako] was sold.Signing of contract with Sanki Co.

Launch of Medical Ward Support System [Kusuri Bako Ace]

Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry Affiliate

(Medical Computer Committee/Dispensing System Committee Participation)

1998 Induction of Mr. Seiji Yoshii as the new representative directorChange of company name to System Yoshii

Office relocation to Okayama

Capital Increase to 24,000,000 Yen

Release of [Kusuri Bako Server Client Edition]

Image Delivery Service Start

2001 Launch of medical database projectRelease of [Kusuri Bako Ace 21]

Release of [Kusuri Bako Prescription Check Option]

2003 Relocation to the company office building
2004 Started selling Mitsubishi Insurance Pharmacy System [Dispensing Melphin]Release of [Kusuri Bako 3][Kusuri Bako 3+]

Started selling medical database

Establishment of Yoshii Software Solution Philippines in Cebu City, Philippines
2007 Start of operations of dispensing pharmacy


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